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Creating Greater Life Styles

By Changing Our Status and Raising Our Standards


I am a single Mother of 3 Children. 2 Adult or 1 deceased. Like most I had a different Life and there were challenges, but I survived. I am the daughter of a Pastor and grew up in church, neighborhood Life was average and Married young to get out the house. My story is the Masterpiece God Planned for me and Only Me! I have experienced Love, Divorce, Pain, Disappointments, Betrayal, Sickness, Heartaches, Abuse and Prejudice.... All this was a challenge, but for my preparation for where I am now.I was crowned Miss East Texas in 1987 and Competed for Miss Texas Crown 1987 It was a very exciting time in my life. One of few accomplishments but no regrets. I experience a lot of things even in the 80s with the Venture to Miss Texas but you move forward and Focus on the POSITIVE! I reached a Goal, accomplished a DREAM (To Someday Compete for the Miss Texas Crown and To be on Television) Two birds with one stone!!


In 2011, A New Level of FAITH was Required of me when I was struck with a unknown Illness. A day I will never forget and a Journey that has no ending because My Life is still going! I’m thankful I am able to walk again, dress myself, feed myself; simply take care of myself. You truly don’t realize or appreciate any of these things until you can no longer do them for yourself. In Situations like this Friends and family stepped up and some away. Prayer life increased and request of prayer decreased and Lost my jobs and Income resources were used up, and Alone time INCREASED as each day passes.


I encourage others to grow Closer and not away from the LORD when STORMS take place and even closer to HIM when things are WELL.When was the last time you went to GOD and just Listened to what He had to say to your heart? Do you Believe that He is in control or do you Believe Your life is on Auto pilot? Where do you go when you don't Believe you have HIM in your Life? Come to HIM, Listen for HIM...His word says to "COME to ME"! Why are your Feet not MOVING!!!?


Matthew 11:28:

Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest... HEAR HIM!






Praise Dancer/Instructor

Business Trainer



2010 - present

2010 - present

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